Brookstones Grill Alert

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I received a Brookstone's Grill Alert talking remote thermometer for Christmas this year. It includes a base station, a remote thermometer, and a probe with a wireless transmitter that monitors your food so that you don't have to. Just set up the base station, connect the probe to the transmitter, and turn on both the base and the handheld unit.

Twice I have decided to smoke (a turkey and a Boston butt) over the weekend when it was cold and raining out. The smoker was just off the deck in the backyard and I monitored the temperature from the kitchen window - about 20 feet away. I actually carried the remote upstairs ~ 50 feet away. When your entree reaches the temperature you select, it audibly says, "You're entree is ready.".

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I lost the manual and couldn't remember how to synch-up the base and remote. When you first turn them on, you must press the little reset button on each within 60 seconds. Just so you know.

Posted by Hosie at 11:43 PM